Industry dearly needs an IoT workforce on both the software and hardware front


Amit Singh, Founder & CEO, Teliolabs is an entrepreneur offering IoT device management on SAAS model. Bringing the power of AI and analytics for better SLA management with fault prediction and quicker fault management system.  At Teliolabs he is committed to simplifying the world, by enabling Customers & Employees to use technology. In an interaction with Jayanta Ghosh, Editor in Chief of SmartStateIndia, he shares insight about IOT implementation and it will play a pivotal role in Industry 4.0.

Importance of IoT in Industry 4.0

It’s been quite some time since the last industrial revolution, and over the last decade the technology has made such advancements that it can be leveraged to kickstart Industry 4.0. The advancement in sensor technology and manufacturing, AI & ML and other related languages have created an ecosystem of services that can be leveraged by brands/companies to create IoT-based manufacturing processes.
The biggest importance of IoT is a real-time implementation of activities in production lines. Also, IoT helps the production unit manager to identify the workload and wear & tear of a production line before any breakdown so that he/she can take pre-emptive repair measures.

How has Covid 19 impacted IoT implementation?

Covid 19 has created a need for remote working with a minimal workforce on the ground. Covid 19 can be considered as the catalyst to implement IoT-based solutions. As per a report by Gartner, 47% of the companies will be implementing IoT based solutions to reduce costs in terms of wastage, maintenance

Kind of manpower required for manpower required for Industry 4.0

This is the challenge in IoT implementation as a lot of upskilling is required in this area. Today, the workforce is not equipped to work with IoT devices and systems. Industry dearly needs an IoT workforce on both the software and hardware front. When it comes to software many people are there working on AI, Java, Python, Nodejs, etc but very few have IoT exposure, similarly, when it comes to hardware we need people who are smart enough to monitor and take the correct course of action if there is a need for maintenance, people who can actually undertake maintenance work. So, a lot much training is required on both aspects to make IoT a seamless reality.

Which sectors have started moving towards IoT implementation in India?

In India adoption has started happening but at a very slow pace as compared to West, manufacturing units in the Pharma sector are the biggest movers in IoT implementations and the pandemic has fueled the drive. However, the Auto sector is already far ahead in terms of IoT implementation in India

What kind of skills are you looking for to meet the current requirement?

We and the industry are looking for people who have some IoT exposure in Java, Python, etc but also people who were into instrumentation and now want to move into software. People coming from a sabbatical or job loss are more than welcome and prior exposure to IoT will be an added bonus. We are also training the new workforce to become a fit for the current requirement.
The skill demand is to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) utilizing IoT. Skills needed are to push for 100% OEE to create an industry benchmark.

Can you share recent developments within the company in terms of hiring, client acquisition etc.

We are already hiring and aim to double the team strength by end of this year. To achieve the same we are en route to our target and have hired over 70 employees in the last 6 months. We have been acquiring clients in the EV and manufacturing space and have been partnering with IoT gateway manufacturers, sensor manufacturers to achieve 100% OEE.

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