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IESA’s two-day summit on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” attracts attendance worldwide


The IESA AI Summit 2022 witnessed around 5000 delegates again with participation from startups, Global companies, government, and Academia through various streaming platforms including LinkedIn & YouTube.

The summit has been 2 insightful days, with 27 Sessions and over 50+ esteemed Speakers addressed on how AI is impacting spectrum of areas including Semicon, Chip Design and Manufacturing, Future of Computing, Security and User Experience in Fintech Industry, Data and Cyber Security, Automotive Industry, Healthcare and Medtech, Robotics and Industrial Automation, Telecommunications; We also had sessions on Responsible use of AI and discussions on AI R&D and Talent Development.

The event was Sponsored by Micron, Ignitarium, Qualcomm, Indie Semiconductor, MosChip, AMD, Cadence and Brainchip.

Mr.Venkata Simhadri, MD & CEO of Moschip Technologies who Leads the IESA Hyderabad Chapter, said “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has been transforming the world in many fields that include Medical, Automotive, Manufacturing, Agricultural, and Others. India, with its strong engineering and software skills, is in a strong position to play a critical role in this transformation. AI summit has been a great platform to exchange knowledge and ideas and IESA looks forward to hosting the event live on an annual basis.”

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