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Gather Network, a Platform That Allows Publishers to Monetize Without Ads


Gather Network is a one of its kind IT service ventures that develops powerful new-age technologies that allow web and mobile developers to earn money by contributing processing power.

Incepted in 2018, the firm is an online platform that is working with a vision to unlock the new business model for the internet by allowing publishers to monetize without ads and by providing businesses and developers access to reliable and affordable processing power. Headquartered in Road Town, Tortola; the firm now has 2 offices in Gurugram, India, and Bucharest, Romania. Gather Network is a brand made by Reggie Raghav Jerath, Founder & CEO along with Co-Founder, Udit Sharma, and Farrukh Shaikh. They conceptualized the venture with a mission to fix the internet’s broken business model.

Gather Network has its native coin, $GTH, which is intended to entice browsers to provide processing power for the hardware layer. $GTH gives holders the rights over the future ways of the platform and is used for gas fees and network interaction charges within the ecosystem. It encompasses a three-tier system comparison: a hardware layer (layer 0) called Gather Online, a protocol layer (layer 1) named Gather Network, and an application layer (layer 2), Gather Cloud.

It is a layer 1 blockchain with its own token GTH. It aims at creating an ecosystem by implementing a new monetization model for content creators. Gather Network enables them to leverage the processing power of their visitors with their express permission to be distributed with Gather Cloud to enterprises and businesses. It is planning to build an ad-free internet with a better user experience and offer all the more satisfying and fair content monetization models for publishers.

Gather Network is an innovative marketplace model, bringing publishers and businesses together. It provides businesses and developers access to affordable and reliable processing power. The venture helps content creators, website owners, or app developers to generate an income without relying on digital ads. It also offers services as an additional source of revenues on top of the existing ads. Alongside, in the case of cloud infrastructure for businesses, it enables them to adopt a secure & affordable private cloud environment by making use of their existing devices.

Gather Network is one of the renowned and leading organizations in the industry. Known for its tech-savvy and agile model; it works with the ‘customer first’ approach. The organization is catering services to the creative industry, mobile apps, streaming platforms, tech & FinTech, blockchain, supply chains, apps, and charity organizations just to name a few.

The firm has grown exponentially over the years. It is now known as a new web3 player in the crypto landscape, creating an innovative business model for content creators with digital monetization through processing power. Gather Network is making concerted efforts to fix the conventional and broken digital ads model and ensure they are at par with the current internet space.

The firm possesses a competitive edge over the other players due to its innovative approach of building a single marketplace-based platform connecting publishers with enterprises & developers. While other players require users to download and maintain browser usage for monetization, Gather Network on the contrary works with a browser-agnostic model.

The firm comprises 12 board members and 51-200 talent within their specific fields that come with expertise in the blockchain & tech industry. They are qualified professionals undertaking various job roles in the firm and are working round the clock to help Gather Network tread on its mission. The Founders perceive the firm as not just a team but a group of like-minded individuals who have known each other for an average of three years and know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, quirks, and habits.

September 2020 is considered to be the turning point for Gather Network since this was the time when the firm raised $960,000 in a 25x over-subbed private sale round with the participation of leading venture capital firms such as Bitscale Capital, TRG Capital, Master Ventures, and LD Capital. In the series of funding, Ela Capital has taken a six-figure position in Gather, they have raised USD 1.5 m in the Series A round. It is anticipated that the fundraising will result in a USD 20 million post-money valuation. The firm will be utilizing this capital to expand aggressively at the global level along with offering tech-savvy services to its customers.

So far, Gather Network has associated with around 350+ publishing partners via their Early Adopters Program so far, including names like The Pioneer (India’s oldest newspaper), The Daily Chain (a crypto news site), and Metalyfe (a new web browser). It has also been felicitated with the ‘The startup of the Year’ by the Dubai Blockchain Summit 2022 for its innovative business model.

The firm is currently testing Gather Cloud with Godrej Industries ($4B+ turnover) and has also onboarded ASAP industries for the enterprise domain. Gather Network’s next step is to raise $5 million of venture capital, giving the Dubai-based company a cool $20 million valuation. The venture is also running campaigns to raise awareness of Gather Online. Alongside, they are also focusing on bringing more partners with B2B marketing efforts.

Gather Network has the sole aim to disrupt the current cloud computing market. It wants to empower enterprises so that they can adopt a secure and affordable private cloud environment by making use of their existing devices. The firm will continue to explore and build new relationships with publishers, enterprises, and PoW blockchain developers both for Gather Online and Gather Cloud. The firm is paving the way for a disruptive and innovative approach for the upcoming transparent & decentralized web3!

Gather Network aims at one simple mission of fixing the internet’s broken business models. It plans to do so by leveraging its expertise in cloud computing and blockchain technology, as well as the specialty in combining new and existing technologies to unlock new revenue and cost-saving opportunities for everyone.

Gather Network’s vision is to build the internet where web and application developers can generate reliable revenue streams as well as secure fully democratic internet space without relying on ads. It also desires to be recognized as one of the most trusted and valued IT service providers by implementing innovative concepts in the times to come.

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