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From Healthcare to Marketing: 5 Non-Tech Industries Hiring Software Developers

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Software development is a rapidly growing industry with a wide range of applications across various sectors. While many associate software development with the tech and gaming industries, there are many other industries that require the expertise of software developers to design, develop, and maintain software systems that power their operations. From aerospace and energy to manufacturing and marketing, software developers play a vital role in enabling these industries to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and deliver better services to their customers.

Here are five industries that also hire software developers apart from tech:

  1. Healthcare: The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with the use of technology-driven healthcare services. As a result, there is an increasing demand for software developers to build and maintain various healthcare applications and systems, such as electronic health records, telemedicine platforms, and medical imaging software. With the increasing importance of technology in healthcare, software developers need to have a good understanding of the healthcare domain and regulatory requirements to design and develop effective software solutions. Upskilling in healthcare-specific technologies such as Health Level Seven International (HL7) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) can also be advantageous.
  2. Finance: The finance industry is heavily reliant on software developers to create and maintain their core banking systems, online banking platforms, and mobile banking apps. Additionally, developers are needed for developing and maintaining trading platforms, algorithmic trading systems, and risk management tools. With the rapid growth of financial technology (fintech) startups, there is a growing need for software developers to upskill in fintech-specific technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and machine learning. Global banking giant, Goldman Sachs, for instance, is looking for candidates that know Javascript, Java 8, Spring and the Restful API – all skills that a finance graduate can learn from an online upskilling platform like Coding Ninjas.
  3. Education: The rise of online education and e-learning platforms has led to a growing need for software developers to build and maintain learning management systems, content authoring tools, and other educational software. Developers need to have a good understanding of pedagogy and instructional design to create effective educational software solutions. Upskilling in technologies such as e-learning authoring tools and Learning Management System (LMS) platforms can be beneficial for software developers interested in pursuing a career in the education industry.
  4. Automotive: The automotive industry is becoming increasingly technology-driven, with software developers playing a crucial role in developing and maintaining the software that powers modern vehicles, such as infotainment systems, navigation systems, and driver assistance technologies. Developers need to have a good understanding of the automotive domain and safety requirements to design and develop software solutions that meet regulatory standards. Upskilling in automotive-specific technologies such as automotive cybersecurity, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) can be advantageous for software developers interested in pursuing a career in the automotive industry.
  5. Manufacturing Industry: The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a digital transformation, and software developers are crucial to this change. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers are turning to software developers to create innovative solutions that enable them to optimize their production processes and increase efficiency. Platforms like Coding Ninjas help young professionals learn the fundamentals of IoT, the possible challenges they could face working with IoT devices and systems as well as the practical aspects of actually working with IoT. According to NASSCOM, with IoT investments predicted to go up to $15 billion in 2021, building IoT technologic skills at scale will be required in the next 4 to 5 years. Thus, workforce upskilling in IoT has become the need of the hour.

Software developers are in high demand in various industries apart from tech and gaming. The healthcare, finance, education, automotive, and manufacturing industries  are just a few examples of industries that require the skills and expertise of software developers to create effective software solutions that power their operations.

By upskilling in domain-specific technologies, developers can not only enhance their skills but also make themselves more attractive to employers and pursue exciting new career opportunities.

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