For water scarcity areas, EMS devices can help clients to log and transmit data per minutes via 4G technology supports.


Established in 1991, EMS (ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Co., Ltd) is the first water meter manufacturer having HQ located in STSP (Southern Taiwan Science Park). With complete corporation structure composed of R&D offices, 2 manufacturing factories, Q&C Department, Marketing & Sales teams and After-sales teams, EMS aims to  provide the satisfying services for clients.

In order to meet the needs of the clients, EMS keeps innovating and improving our smart water meters as well as water management solutions. In 2005, EMS Co., Ltd, certificated by National Science Council, became the 1st Smart water meter manufacturer entering STSP. Futhermore, they have also received more than 40 patents and prizes, including Golden Award from “INPEX” in 2013, Taiwan Excellence from 2016~2019, and EPBA(Enterprise Project Benchmarking Award).

With experience of  multiple years, EMS Co., Ltd also provides complete labor services, including installation & calibration for the water meters, and DMA planning & construction in Taiwan. In addition, they own ISO certificated calibration rigs for testing & calibration services. From domestic meters to bulk meters, EMS provides high end metrological technology.

Since 2010, EMS has started to move forward to the international stage, and to focus on the brand building.  2011, they have successfully installed products in China, Middle East, and ASEAN countries.

SmartStateIndia recently interacted with Mr. Eric Lin, Sales Manager EMS to know more about their latest solutions and how they are powering smart cities with new innovative products.

EMS Product Line
EMS provides the comprehensive product lines from water meters, IoT  communications interfaces to the advanced software system for online monitoring water management system to optimize the water network operation.

AS for smart water meters, from household to industrial applications, we have re-design the smart meters with edge-computing capability which will provide our clients with not only flow data, but also management functions and build-in loggers. All smart meters are build-in battery with IP68 enclosure. As for IoT communications capabilities, it includes 3G/4G, NB-IOT, LoRawan protocol with wired/ wireless solutions available.

For advanced cloud based Eye-Water System based on Google server service, it provides user with high security and the data is available anytime and anywhere as long as user has mobile device with the Internet connection. From flow, pressure to quality data, which will be visualized on the cloud platform, users can receive the real-time data to make water management system effectively.  

EMS solution and Smart Cities
With 30years experience into smart water metering solutions, our clients range from water utilities, industrial and commercial sectors, so we have gained much innovative solutions for our clients to fit into various environments. We have smart metering solutions for clean water and sewage water applications which will adopt different smart metering technology and communications approaches, such as ultrasonic flow meter and electromagnetic flow meter. 
For water scarcity areas, our devices can help our clients to log and transmit data per minutes via 4G technology supports. For industrial and household applications, our clients can receive site data based on request, from 1 min to 1440 minutes. The most important is that our clients can reduce labor time & cost to get the data on site and receive correct data upon request. This is really important, especially we all face climate change with natural disasters, such as unpredictable droughts and typhoons. So, we need smart metering solutions to optimize the water management systems now.

EMS Smart Water Meter solutions:
EMS smart water meter
has powerful edge-computing with innovative algorithm embedded into the register with MCU to calculate the data continuously. In addition to display flow information, the smart water meter will show you the management functions, such as LdAy, ndAy, OdAy, UdAy, HdAy, bdAy with build-in calendar information. LdAy means to indicate the leakage information, including leakage days and amounts; ndAy means to indicate the duration of the water meter operation; OdAy means to indicate the duration of the water meter not operation; UdAy means the duration of the meter reverse installation; HdAy means the duration of the tampering; bdAy means the battery power shortage days. In addition, the smart water meter also provides you MNF data (minimum nighttime flow) and daily + monthly water consumption data from the LCD display.

New Technology Enhancements From EMS
In the times of IOT era, we provide our clients with the latest communications technology. From Wired one, such as popular pulse to RS-485/Modbus protocol to Wireless one, like 2G/3G/4G and LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) from LoRawan, NB-IOT to SIGFOX, EMS has continuously worked on the latest technology to provide our clients with cost-effective smart metering solutions. As we know water will play a crucial role in the city development, so we keep adopting new technology to support our clients to manage water resource efficiently. In addition, we have hoped to bring water awareness to everyone, so all people will know their water consumption and knowing how to save water in our daily life with the latest technology service.

Why India is a key market for EMS
India is the next big thing in the world development. As we know India has 1.3 billion populations, and many smart cities are under development, so EMS believe India is the crucial market for EMS long-term development. EMS company, a local Taiwan water meter and IoT datalogger manufacturer, has supported and transformed Taiwan water management into smart water country. All water network management systems are supported by 4G and management officers use mobile system to access, control and manage the water network 24/7. Most households can check water quality and consumption data online with APPs. It’s believed that EMS company with more than 30-years experiences can support India to transform into a smart water management city.

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