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FieldLine Launches HEDscan, a Next-Generation Device for Non-Invasive Functional Brain Imaging


FieldLine Inc., a biotech company targeting advanced brain diagnostic technology, announced today the general availability of the FieldLine HEDscan system — the world’s first commercially available non-cryogenic, whole-head magnetoencephalography (MEG) system for functional brain imaging. HEDscan is available to researchers interested in generating three-dimensional videos of a subject’s brain activity. HEDscan incorporates 128 fully synchronized quantum magnetic sensors, constructed using the Company’s proprietary microfabrication techniques. The data collected using HEDscan allows neuroscientists and clinicians to research and diagnose a variety of mental health disorders ranging from Alzheimer’s to PTSD.

“For the first time, non-cryogenic MEG will be accessible to the neuroscience market as an important tool for studying and treating the brain,” said Jeramy Hughes, co-founder of FieldLine. “HEDscan enables functional brain imaging in a broad subject population and at a price point that is accessible to most institutions. These devices will enable more extensive research into how the brain is affected in multiple mental health disorders.”

Recent studies have shown that this next-generation technology can offer a clear improvement in signal-to-noise compared to previous MEG technologies. HEDscan further advances MEG with its non-cryogenic sensors and compact size. In addition, it is differentiated from previous MEG devices since subjects will be able to move freely during measurement by wearing only a lightweight cap that can fit a variety of head sizes. HEDscan can be placed in any room of any medical facility without the need for expensive building modifications. The Company will also sell the portable magnetic shielding along with the device, caps, and user software.

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