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Experts View on National Cyber Security Awareness Month


October is celebrated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) globally.The Internet is today’s backbone for all kind of online services, and it has given rise to various features such as Social Media, Online Shopping, Digital Payments, e-Education, e-Health and the list goes on.

In the current pandemic situation where Work from Home is a reality for most and Digital services are on the rise, so are cyberattacks. Cyber Security has become more important than ever in today’s Digital Life. It is no more a matter for security experts and web admins to take care of. Hackers and cyber attackers no more target only companies and corporations, but individuals too. Here is the comment of cyber security experts:

Palo Alto AnilMr. Anil Bhasin, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, Palo Alto Networks

“In its 17th year, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) continues to work towards raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity globally, ensuring that every nation has the required resources to be safer and more secure online. With this year’s theme as ‘Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart’, each one of us needs to cooperate and work towards a cybercrime free world. Palo Alto Networks is focused on combating the ever growing challenges of cyberattacks and security breaches, with our threat intelligence capability as well as by offering best in-class solutions. Cybersecurity has become a critical part of our lives, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to accept the new normal, its importance has risen than ever before, everywhere: in organisations irrespective of its size, government offices to the individual home user.”

Mr. Sudhindra Holla, Director, Axis Communications, India and SAARC.
“With increased technology dependency by the enterprises, and operations moving remote the risk of cyber-attacks have also doubled. To prevent exposure of sensitive information, cyber-security has become the de-facto necessity. As a result, there has been a rise in the demand cyber-security solutions. At Axis Communications, we strongly believe in a no back door policy for all our products and solutions. We are one of the few manufacturers to have our own system-on-chip – ARTPEC chip. This in turn directly aligns with India’s data privacy policy.”

Praveen PatilMr. Praveen Patil Kulkarni, Country Manager, Security, Risk & Governance for Micro Focus, India

“We are living in the era of tech-fueled online and offline lives, where, our homes, societal well-being, economic prosperity, and nation’s security are impacted by the internet. People access, store, and share data in a variety of ways, across various data environments, through different services and devices. This makes it more necessary for organizations to make security and cyber awareness a non-negotiable priority. This Cybersecurity Awareness month, organizations should aim to drive a robust, security-first business culture. At Micro Focus, we aim to help CISOs and organizations adopt cutting-edge cybersecurity, to secure their digital spaces and help them adapt and respond to a fast-changing business landscape. The objective is to make them proactive and help them respond to the ever-increasing threat landscape and protect their most important assets. If everyone contributes and do their part – implementing robust security practices, boosting community awareness, educating vulnerable audiences, or training employees – our world will be safer and resilient for everyone.”

Kartik ShahaniMr. Kartik Shahani, Country Manager, Tenable
“The cyber threats that we face in India today are far greater in scope and scale than a decade ago. Therefore, cybersecurity should not be a one-off exercise but rather a continuous process of protecting the global digital infrastructure and its users. The accelerated move towards remote work with the pandemic means that organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on cloud services. However, that also means that cybercriminals will continue to innovate new and bolder ways to compromise this expanding attack surface for personal and economic gains. The right security solutions can help security teams eliminate blindspots and gain unparalleled visibility into the security status of their modern IT infrastructure.”

Array Networks Shibu PaulMr. Shibu Paul, Vice President – International Sales, Array Networks
“October is celebrated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) globally. Threat actors have targeted various Indian sectors close to 40,300 times on resources including infrastructure, information and banking around July this year. Since India’s cyber security measures are not robust, it was easy for hackers to attack. The cyber-attacks against India has surged, especially due to work from home facility which makes enterprises and users vulnerable due to inefficient and outdated infrastructure. With this increasing trend of cyber-attacks, the enterprises and users must ensure to secure their valuable data.

Organizations must ensure to have dedicated hardware, virtualization and software-centric computing to create an environment that provides guaranteed performance and flexible management for security virtual appliances. Enterprises like telecom and financial services must include next-generation firewalls that are reliable and efficient. Data is no longer system-bound, the stakes for data protection is high as it is stored on edge and cloud platform, where security is still a concern. We can however certainly say that after facing a lot of heat due to the cyber-attacks initially this year, the government is on the right path in planning to draft cyber security policy and educating the masses on the need of a robust cyber security measure.”

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