Enabling India’s First BVLOS Drone Delivery Trials

Alternative Global India, a management consulting firm focused on working in the EV and Drone space globally with partner offices in UK, USA and Israel, is now helping Dunzo Digital to enable BVLOS drone delivery flights in India. This will be first of its kind 100 hours BVLOS trials in India.

Alternative Global has been in the consulting space since 2016 and have helped over 50 companies internationally to grow in the domestic market as well as expand in emerging economies especially India.
Commenting on AGI’s role in the consortium, Mr. Ankit Kumar, Managing Partner, Alternative Global India said “In the past 12 months, we have been working actively with Dunzo Digital as a Consulting partner to create a roadmap for drone inclusion in their current systems and the first step towards that is conducting long duration BVLOS trials to learn and adapt from the best available technologies across the world. We are extremely happy to work hand-in-hand with Dunzo team who is extremely excited to enable the drone delivery in the country.

We have formed the Dunzo Air Consortium with 8 members who are contributing their expertise from various fields such as UTM, UAV system, LTE, Drone operations, 3D Mapping, Safety, Insurance etc. All members have certain responsibilities which they fulfil in the consortium. The trials would include delivery of healthcare products, food and other packages.”
Commenting further, Mr. Kumar added “Dunzo Air Consortium is likely to begin trials during the month of July – August this year. We have submitted all necessary documentation to DGCA and are awaiting flight clearance. We expect the trials to deliver immense data points which shall be utilized by Dunzo to create Proof of concept and safety case to be further shared with DGCA and also to develop drone delivery model in the Semi-Urban and Urban environments.”

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