EDIMAX surveillance switches make deploying a comprehensive Surveillance VLAN as easy as possible.


EDIMAX Technology one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced network communication solutions, this year brings four ONVIF Video Surveillance GbE Network Switches (GS-5210PL, GS-5216PLC, GS-5424PLC V2, GS-5424PLX), which are all certificated by the ONVIF official standards as Profile Q client products and compatible with thousands of ONVIF compliant Profiles G/Q/S/A/C/T/M devices through strict authentication, made to combat cybersecurity threats.

World Standards for IP Surveillance
ONVIF is the world’s renowned open industry forum that provides standardized interfaces for IP-based physical security products. With 12/18/28/28 GbE PoE + ports and two to four 10GbE SFP+ uplink ports respectively, the EDIMAX video surveillance switches (GS-5210PL, GS-5216PLC, GS-5424PLC V2, GS-5424PLX) are the newest ONVIF compliant switches that provide optimal deployment ease, web-smart management, high security, and ultra-high-speed connections for IP video surveillance systems.

Cross-brand Devices | Deploy with Ease
There are various ONVIF Profile G/Q/S/A/C/T/M conformant products that EDIMAX Surveillance VLAN switches can find and connect with. For example, the Profile G protocol is designed for general IP-based video systems, including system resource management, user authentication and IP settings; the Profile S is mainly used to conformant devices that feature basic and advanced video streaming, such as IP network cameras, NVR, and more. Furthermore, the Profile M release candidate is designed for today’s popular IoT devices and smart applications.

One-Click Surveillance VLAN Settings  
Setting a Surveillance VLAN (a virtual local area network for IP surveillance application) is always a challenge for network administrators. It requires experience and skills to configure an independent network, including complicated port settings, membership definition, tags or untag IP packets and setting QoS bandwidth management for different devices.

EDIMAX surveillance switches make deploying a comprehensive Surveillance VLAN as easy as possible. A “Config Reload” button is created in the management system that automatically creates a secured network, separating data traffic from surveillance video network traffic.

“We help small and medium-sized enterprises quickly set up a video surveillance network system with a high degree of security, saving time and money”. EDIMAX indicates. With just one click, the network switch can strengthen real-time video surveillance security without sacrificing the transmission quality of both data and surveillance traffic for businesses.

Rising Markets Adopting High-End Network
With continuous R&D investments in SMB high-end network solutions, EDIMAX makes Surveillance Network Switches feature-packed with excellent specifications. Equipped with a dedicated intelligent microchip for system-controlled cooling, the network switches can measure and control fan speeds, turn on/off each fan for power saving and reduce fan noise. They also support PD (powered devices) alive check and PoE backfeed protection to provide power efficiency and at the same time, avoid damaging the PoE ports.

Tailored for IP cameras and far-away network devices with a specific long-range mode that enables power and data transmission of up to 200 meters at a guaranteed speed of 10Mbps. With up to 128Gbps backplane bandwidth and a forwarding rate of 95.2Mpps, the switches have a strong switching capability for sending data to destination devices at ultra-high speed, while utilizing maximum available bandwidth without delay. The four ONVIF conformant switches are also equipped with 10GbE SFP+ uplink ports to provide 10X faster network speed for bandwidth-hungry SMB markets.

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