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Clinc launches Artificial Intelligence technology for Banks & Credit Unions

AI-for Banks

Clinc AI announced a suite of patented Conversational AI products for Banks & Credit Unions. Clinc’s revolutionary enterprise AI platform is the foundation of the new products, with the vision to enable banks and credit unions to deliver a high-tech, high-touch experience for their customers, while requiring minimal work to rapidly deploy.

“We spent the winter talking with banks and credit unions of all sizes and the message was clear: they need to deliver a better customer experience, at an affordable price point, with a clear ROI — and they need it fast,” said Kyle Hellsten, Vice President of Product at Clinc. “The critical importance of digital Virtual Assistants was already there, but COVID exacerbated the stress on contact centers and cost containment, forcing the financial services industry to scramble for solutions.”

Clinc Public Banking Agent is built for pre-authenticated interactions, meaning no password or security is required for the customer. Nearly 30 prebuilt requests are already programmed in the system, allowing for a seamless, swift deployment. The Clinc Virtual Banking Assistant is integrated with the institution’s front- and back-end systems, allowing a robust interaction after the customer logs in, including balance inquiries, account transfers, bill payment, budget advice and other tasks tied directly to their account information.

“Clinc’s initial success was driven through the incredible user experiences of our large, enterprise customers. This allowed us to leverage all our learnings and experience to build easy to implement, out-of-the box products for financial institutions that may not have large internal IT departments or budgets to build customized solutions,” Hellsten noted. “And to continue this success, we are still 100% committed and invested in our flagship Platform, which will constantly drive the innovation for all our customers, regardless of size.”

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