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Barracuda expands its scalable IoT connectivity solution with support for powerful analytics capabilities from Crosser

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Barracuda announced that customers can now run Crosser Edge Analytics software directly on Barracuda Secure Connector. Barracuda’s scalable IoT hardware connectivity solution running the Crosser node application addresses the need for both secure connectivity in large, distributed environments and accurate analytics at scale.

Modern IoT analytics and edge intelligence solutions depend on the data collected on the edge. Barracuda Secure Connector provides scalable and secure connectivity in industrial IoT environments. With the Crosser Edge application running in a container on Barracuda Secure Connector, data collected at the edge can be aggregated, combined, and prefiltered to reduce the cost for storage and intermittent transmission, and enable effective processing of useful data in an on-premises or cloud analytics platform.


When utilizing Crosser on Barracuda products, users can obtain the following advantages:

  • Scalable connectivity to accommodate large and dispersed networks of industrial and IoT devices
  • Transforms raw data and combines more data points without increasing the cost of data
  • Data reduction by removing dirty and irrelevant data
  • Granular control of data sent for remote analytics or received for remote control
  • No additional hardware required for the Crosser rollout as the software is run directly on the edge device

“Maintaining secure connectivity for the large, complex networks necessary to run industrial IoT devices can be challenging for organizations as they scale, and managing the data collected at the edge adds another layer of complexity,” said Klaus Gheri, VP, Network Security, Barracuda. “This combined solution helps address these challenges in a scalable way.”

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