ATEN Secure KVM Solutions Designed with Multi-layer Security for Securing Data Access while Boosting Network Security

ATEN Secure KVM Solutions

ATEN Advance, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, recently designed ATEN Secure KVM solutions which address the data protection and secure data access needs for highly sensitive environments. The solutions are NIAP Common Criteria Compliant. These solutions comprise KVM switches that aim to enforce stringent desktop security and provide secure data access in industries and organizations like government and military agencies, healthcare, banking & financial institutions which deal with high security and confidential data. The multi-layered security features keep sensitive assets isolated providing advanced user data protection.

NIAP Common Criteria Compliant
The solutions are NIAP Common Criteria Compliant, PSD PP v4.0 (Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Device) compliant assuring maximum information security by isolating computer sources and peripherals while sharing a single set of keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, and common access card (CAC) reader between connected computers of various security classifications.

Stringent Security
ATEN Secure KVM Switches provide key protections including isolation and unidirectional data flow, restricted peripheral connectivity and filtering, user data protection, configurable device filtering and management, and always-on tamper-proof design, which keep sensitive assets isolated and provides advanced security and a user friendly design for instantly secure deployment.

Features and benefits
Comes with remote port selector (2XRT-0019G)
Auto Detection: work exclusively with ATEN PP4.0 2/4/8-Port Secure KVM Switches
(e.g. when attached to a 4-Port Secure KVM Switch, only pushbuttons 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be detected and functional)

  • Multi-layer Security: ATEN Secure KVM switches provides the following advanced features mentioned below:
  • Always-on chassis intrusion detection – Renders the ATEN Secure KVM Switch series inoperable when physical tampering is detected
  • Tamper-evident labels – provides visual indication of any attempt to access the ATEN Secure KVM Switch’s internal components
  • Non-reprogrammable firmware – prevents reprogramming the ATEN Secure KVM Switch’s firmware
  • Restricted peripheral connectivity – non-authorized HIDs (Human Interface Devices), video, or authentication device connections are rejected
  • Secure Port Switching – Port selection via pushbuttons / Remote Port Selector (RPS) to enhance security
  • Clear LED Indications – LED indications for peripheral filtering and KVM security status
    Rugged metal enclosure
  • Strict audio filtration – protects against audio leakage (PP v4.0 models only)

Data Channel Isolation and Unidirectional Data Flow: The solutions are designed to provide true data path isolation restricting unauthorized data transfer between computers. The ATEN Secure KVM Switches control and isolates data flow between the console devices and connected computers. This ensures unidirectional data flow between console devices and the selected computer. The solutions support analog audio as well. (Speakers only)

User Data Protection: The keyboard/mouse data of ATEN Secure KVM Switches are automatically deleted after transmission and automatically purged when the KVM port focus is switched.

Security Management:
Supports administrative configuration of CAC Port filtering to accept or reject specific USB authentication devices
Supports administrative configuration of keyboard/mouse port filtering to reject specific USB HID devices (PP v4.0 models only)
Provides administrative functions for authorized administrators to audit KVM log data
The CAC function can be enabled/disabled by port

Superior Video Quality: The solutions deliver 4K image quality with dual display and supports image resolution up to 3840 x 2160 @60 Hz (with PP v4.0 models) and 3840 x 2160 @30 Hz (with PP v3.0 models). Exclusive ATEN technology eliminates boot-up display problems and optimizes resolutions when switching among different sources.

For more information, please visit the product page of ATEN Secure KVM Solutions.

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