Aligning Advanced SPM Solutions with Business Objectives Creates High-performing Sales Teams


The twin tasks of tracking the performance of sales representatives and ensuring accurate compensation have become more challenging than usual due to remote working. In this scenario, technologies that offer transparent sales performance management (SPM) can be game-changers. Novel SPM software solutions that leverage AI and machine learning to enable administrator and design, executive and finance, and payee and manager functions can directly influence bottom lines.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest Executive Brief, SPM/ICM Solution Providers — “What Their Clients Are Saying About Them!” discusses the value of SPM solution capabilities and how solution providers can leverage them to best meet their client’s needs. It also explores the productivity gains and pitfalls to avoid when deploying sales technologies.

“Having a top-tier SPM platform is important, but it is even more important to analyze the organization’s unique business processes and needs before purchasing and implementing any SPM solution,” said John Ruggles, Senior Vice President and Americas Regional Leader, Frost & Sullivan. “Working with a specialist in the field that can guide the organization through the entire process—from selection to implementation to training—can make all the difference in sales success, both internally and externally.”

“We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and goals, and ultimately help develop strategies for optimizing their SPM programs,” noted Robert Blohm, Senior Partner at OpenSymmetry. “Our proprietary model helps clients understand where they can make improvements through the use of technology and/or processes to better align their SPM programs with their sales goals.”

Some additional benefits of partnering with an SPM expert include:

  • Identifying specific sales platform needs and determining the framework that can be best integrated into the organization.
  • Receiving guidance through the research and vendor selection process and implementing the best-fit tools.
  • Aligning both core and advanced SPM platforms and functional capabilities with the organization’s existing infrastructures and tools.
  • Gaining access to the best technology and actionable insights.
  • Achieving greater operational efficiencies and better sales results.

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