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AI, ML, Blockchain are not buzzwords

Rajiv Bhalla, MD, Barco India
Rajiv Bhalla, MD, Barco India.

Technology today is all pervasive, making digital transformation a reality here and now! This has had a profound impact on the way we work, live and play. Today, AI, ML, BlockChain are not buzzwords but have real-world applications that have redefined how we work, and go about our lives every day. In fact, in the last year alone, we have seen significant deployments of these technologies that have changed how enterprises make decisions, conduct business or enable consumers to engage in experiences that are richer and immersive ushering a whole new paradigm of engagement. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), Worldwide Semi-annual Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide forecasts cognitive and AI spending will grow to $52.2 billion in 2021.

At Barco, we have had an eventful year and are excited about the future as we see these technology trends have a disruptive impact on multiple industries like entertainment, education, healthcare, retail, as also adding new dimensions to the future workforce.

Enterprise collaboration

The boardroom is no longer the sole bastion of decision making. Today spontaneity, adaptability, agility and the rapid exchange of ideas are increasingly becoming central to organisational success. And businesses must create an environment that facilitates and lives up to the expectation of their workforce to encourage employees to share their skills and knowledge at every opportunity. Businesses will need to continue to invest in people-centric collaboration technologies that help workers stay agile and respond or harness every opportunity – wherever they are. For example, with Clickshare, anyone can wirelessly connect and project their screens in a meeting room. Interestingly, 64 people can connect and 8 can share their screens simultaneously. This is a true example of agility and productivity.

Outlook for Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry today is at an inflexion point with the adoption of technologies such as AI, ML, and robotics increasingly playing a key role in driving the industry forward. The scale of data in the healthcare industry has grown manifold, hence visualization has become ever more critical in this industry. Visuals or pictures convey meaning more easily than thousands or even millions of data points; giving rise to the growth of high-quality medical display systems. Having the right diagnostic display increases diagnostic accuracy, improves detection rates as well as image review and collaboration with specialists. As a result of this, healthcare specialists in India are pushing for the standardization of display technology and in 2019, this will surely be one of the key pre-requisites for medical practitioners across the country.

For instance, the future of operation theatre/operation room will be 4k. In the OR, there is a move towards minimally-invasive surgery, at least in selected, more routine procedures. It means that surgeons are, to an extent, subject to limited vision due to their reliance on laparoscopic cameras. That’s an obvious issue for surgeons as existing technology is no replacement for the surgeon’s own eyesight, and current displays, even high definition displays, lack depth and perspective. This is where 4k display technology comes into the picture and Barco is already pioneering this move.

Rise of smart spaces

As we enter a connected economy, it is imperative for different technologies to be able to interact with each other. In 2019, we will see the accelerated delivery of smart spaces. India’s smart city drive is the best example of how smart spaces will become a reality. While technologies such as AI, ML and blockchain, will be central to the growth of smart spaces, display technology will also be essential to realize data and make intelligent decisions.

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