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3 Tips For Data Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Sonit Jain, GajShield Infotech

Sonit Jain, CEO, GajShield Infotech

Multi-cloud environments offer various benefits like accommodating peak usage, minimizing downtime, and avoiding vendor lock-in, but they also bring in increased chances of security vulnerabilities. Here are a few things you need in your cybersecurity arsenal to enhance multi-cloud data security:

Bolstering data security in a multi-cloud environment

Applications deployed across multi-cloud platforms increases the number of vulnerability points. Hence, it is important for businesses to enhance multi-cloud data security.

1. Ensure complete visibility over data

Complete visibility over data is a must to embrace optimal security in multi-cloud environments. But monitoring data across different platforms is a headache in multi-cloud environments. You need a data security solution that can help you get complete visibility over your organization’s data. With complete visibility, you can have real-time knowledge of every piece of information that is moving in your organization’s network. Also, you can monitor every bit of data that is stored on-site or on remote clouds.

2. Leverage contextual data leak prevention

A multi-cloud environment requires transmission of data packets across the organizational and cloud network. A contextual data leak prevention solution helps you monitor and secure data that is in motion on your network by creating a context around the data packet and analyze it.

3. Have a single point of management

Applications deployed across multiple cloud platforms makes it challenging for your cybersecurity team to monitor every application simultaneously. A central management system can help you in this place. A central management system allows your cybersecurity team to control and manage all applications across all the cloud deployments.

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